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Marine Maintenance

Established in 1981, Airemch’s Marine Repair division can supply a variety of services. Our expertise includes the support and installation of lagging for a range of temperatures from – 20 degree Fahrenheit to 1200 degree Fahrenheit. This work carried out in both the power plant and accommodation areas includes calcium silicate blocking, pre-formed piping, fiberglass pads, acoustic tiles, and bulkhead insulation. We also install deck tiles, terrazzo and non-slip coverings for both pedestrian and vehicular surfaces.

Our trained staff carries out repairs to air conditioning, pumps, condensers, evaporators, valves, cranes, and other ship related equipment. All copper nickel, stainless steel, and carbon steel piping work is carried out to market Standard.

Our workshop provides sheet metal in stainless steel, and galvanized sheet steel. Enabling the design, fabrication and installation of a wide range of ducting, cladding, sheathing and ship’s furniture capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of a marine environment.